I *will* lose it

That's it! This time I am going all the way! I have vowed that I finally will lose the weight. Yeah, I'm putting it in writing and on the net for all to see.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It begins.....

I lost probably 12 lbs during my first week of induction. I was stunned. I kept at it, going down to about 195. Then came my wedding in May 2004. I let myself go during the weeks leading up to the wedding. I also had a few "friends" who were "concerned" about the safety of a low-carb diet. I slid back into my former bad habits. The weight slid back on. By december of 05, I had crept back up to 208. My husband took me to a fancy gala for new year's eve, and I felt like the fattest woman there. Even the catering staff were skinny! I vowed that this time, I was going to do it. No more BS. I am going to win this time, dammit!
And so I got back on the low carb team. I have to be really vigilant about my carbs. I stay around 30-35 a day. I am forcing myself to try new vegetables. I will make myself like greens. Even though I do miss potato chips sometimes, I don't really feel that deprived. Probably because I can still have slimjims:)


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